Who seeks out the services of a life coach?


Who Seeks Coaching

People who seek the services of a life coach include students or the recently graduated, those new to the job market or between careers, creatives of every stripe, entrepreneurs and freelancers, and those who:

  • Want to define and achieve meaningful goals, and master the distractions that keep them from doing so.
  • Want to seek and realize the important visions for their lives.
  • Want to chart their course through a major life transition.
  • Want to take creative control of their work lives.
  • Want to re-focus their life energy into pursuits they find more deeply meaningful.
  • Want to live passionately, on purpose, doing work they love.
  • Want a supportive structure to help them keep their attention focused on their dreams and goals.
  • Want to break through barriers of inertia and fear.
  • Want to build more confidence in themselves, their dreams, and their creative potential.
  • Want to take decisive action on their goals and have the help of a coach to hold them accountable.
  • Want to gain inspiration and develop the ongoing commitment to live their dreams.
  • Want to learn to skillfully balance the many demands of life.
  • Want a guide and ally in the creative process.
  • Want to make optimal use of their time and energy.
  • Want to discover, explore and nurture their creativity.
  • Want to overcome indecision and limiting beliefs.
  • Want to unleash the hidden power of their subconscious mind to create the results they seek.
  • Want to stop procrastinating and take action on long held dreams and inspirations.
  • Want to sharpen their intuition and sieze life's opportunities to the fullest.

E-mail me at susan@visionarylifecoaching or call 805-563-9868 to get started with a free coaching session. For Santa Barbara locals, group coaching in life's work discovery and conscious creativity offered. Email me to find out more.


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